Trampoline Assembly Services

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Trampoline Assembly Services

Our main service areas are Trampoline Assembly, Trampoline Setup, Trampoline Installation, Trampoline Relocation, Trampoline Dismantle and Trampoline Disassembly.

Trampoline - Assembly

Safe and precise trampoline assembly of your newly bought trampoline. Years of experience, thousands of trampoline assembly

Trampoline - Relocation

Trampoline dismantle, trampoline transportation and trampoline assembly is part of our Trampoline Relocation services.

Trampoline - Dismantle

Trampoline Dismantle or Trampoline Disassembly service is offered when you no longer need your trampoline and wish to get rid of it

Trampoline - Renovation

Trampoline Renovation is offered with some type of trampoline brands. Springfree trampolines can be cleaned, renovated even years after their purchase


About Us

We are a Melbourne based trampoline assembly company which strives to provide safe and accurate trampoline assembly services all over the Melbourne area. Our company started many years back and we thank and value all of our clients for their trust in our services. We train each and every employee of our business to deliver the same friendly and professional trampoline assembly as we do since our foundation.

Friendly Service

All of our employees are carefully selected, who enjoy assembling trampolines. Everyone in our business needs to go through an intense training where they learn everything about trampolines and customer service. We make sure that our employees do a great job and make you feel relaxed and fully serviced.

Unbeatable Prices

Intense training, great logistics, high-quality tools, in-depth knowledge about trampolines and years of experience. These factors enable us to be the market leader in the field of trampoline assembly services and to provide our clients with the lowest assembly prices. According to many of our clients: "Our prices are truly unbeatable"

Fully Insured

Our business is fully insured. We like to sleep at night and we want our clients to feel just as relaxed as us. We have an insurance that covers damages by our company's mistake. Our job sometimes involves assembling trampolines in small places and moving heavy metal objects. These two should not mean any worries to you.